Hardware Collection
If you're getting rid of your old IT equipment or simply spring cleaning we can help.

Hardware Collection, for Reuse and Recycling

If you're getting rid of your old IT equipment or simply spring cleaning we can help.

  • We can offer free collection within Greater London
  • Complete asset management and tracking
  • Secure data erasure, degaussing or shredding

Shredding is chargeable please Contact us for a quote

How does it work?

First off we'll agree on a collection time that is convenient for you. Upon arrival we will perform an on-site inventory of all the hardware to be collected, we'll also supply a collection note containing the batch number, number of items collected, estimated cost etc.

At our sorting site, evaluated hardware is split into three main work streams:

  • Functional hardware is generally reused.
  • Faulty and obsolete equipment is sent for recycling.
  • Storage media that has been marked for destruction is sent for shredding before being recycled.


Reusing equipment extends the lifespan and reduces the carbon footprint. This may also create a trickle-down effect allowing current technology to get into the hands of the less fortunate.

All data is securely erased before being reused or sold. Some equipment is donated to charities that can make better use thereof, whilst other equipment is sold to cover the cost of all other hardware streams (A percentage of the profit is also donated to charity).


Recycling equipment breaks products into their core components for recycling, this stops harmful chemicals in components from entering a landfill site.

We only use partners who do not ship components overseas, and we keep track of any assets sent for destruction.