Project Consultancy
We will help you to deliver successful projects, optimise your business processes or design and implement bespoke solutions:

Project Management

Our project management consultants have a wealth of cross-functional experience to manage new projects or steer existing projects in the right direction. Whilst we are methodology driven we are able to adjust our approach to fit your business's style or requirements.

Business Analysis

We provide business analysts with the right mix of skills and experience to map your project activities, from requirements gathering to post implementation review. We ensure that the correct checkpoints happen in-time to deliver success.

Process Improvement

Within almost all processes there is room for optimisation, often efficiency gains can be achieved by shortening a process or processes. Sometimes making a process more thorough and ensuring that certain key data types are captured can make the overall process more efficient reducing the need for duplicate processing. Let use review your systems and processes.

Office Automation

Whether it be a custom built database or a stop-gap spreadsheet solution, the creation of bespoke applications and tools can save you time and money.
We can automate your time consuming tasks with a bit of wizardry in the following:

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) includes: MS Office 97-2010 (Access, Excel, Word etc.)
  • Visual Basic Scripts (VBS)
  • Shell Scripts (BAT, CMD etc.)
  • SQL Scripts and Reports

Contact us to discuss your project needs.